Escaping Reality Entertainment

At Escaping Reality, we offer a wide range of services. We can create a custom design for you. We can install the game and conduct beta testing. We can train you and your employees on how to run the game. Not only are our games custom, but our services are customizable to your needs as well. Please contact us at for a price quote.

Our designs are all 100% custom and crafted with your theme, space, and budget in mind.

Escaping Reality EntertainmentThe difficulty level will be designed to your specifications. We will deliver to you a walk-through of the game, instructions on assembling the puzzles, reset lists, clue lists, and any scripts associated with the storyline. We will make any changes to the game that you request, and we will continue to tweak until you are happy with your game. Once you have completed beta testing, we will make any tweaks that need to be made at no additional cost. The entire process is centered on your needs and desires. Remember, at Escaping Reality, we breathe life into your vision.

Why should you purchase a room design from a professional designer? Can’t you just do it yourself?

That is certainly one option. However, if you were going to open a restaurant tomorrow, would you insist on cooking the food yourself, or would you hire a professional chef? Like the food in a restaurant, the game design in an escape room is the most important part of the business. Hiring a professional with proven results is an affordable option, especially when compared to the risks you take by using a subpar game. We have designed many successful games and have great references. Let us breathe life into your vision and help you create a great game for your escape room business.